yew and fothergilla
A favorite Yew and Fothergilla foliage pairing

HAZEL Landscapes + Design, LLCĀ  offers garden coaching, landscape consultations and planting design for residential and commercial spaces of all shapes and sizes, and for any budget. HAZEL Floral is a newer branch of the business that provides bespoke floral arrangements for all occasions and provide seasonal cut flowers, herbs and foliage for studio florists. Please get in touch with the form below, or on our “contact” page!

Sustainable site design practices are applied to all of our landscape work, including vegetable gardens, ornamental plantings, play areas and gathering spaces. We work closely with each client to create a custom design that invites full use and enjoyment of the landscape. By realizing each garden’s potential for beauty and bounty we hope to inspire stewardship and a new love of natural systems and their complexity. Our plant choices are inspired by the hardworking native plant communities of the Pacific Northwest: resilient, vibrant and low-maintenance. Our work relates closely to the New Perennial Movement in landscape and garden design.


HAZEL Floral offers smaller, more immediate brushes with the natural world through flowers. (Find out how to get yours here!) Blooms are homegrown in Bellingham or sourced as locally as possible from farms that use sustainable growing practices. We compost, reuse, recycle and avoid single-use materials, figuring that if we celebrate life’s milestones and holidays with flowers, we’re going to make sure we don’t leave ugly footprints and garbage in the wake of those celebrations. Instead we hope to kindle an appreciation of and connection to this beautiful part of the world by bringing you flowers that truly represent the here-and-now, sustainably grown and thoughtfully arranged.

Annika McIntosh, Landscape Designer, spices her design insights with an appreciation for light, color, materials and composition that she credits to travel and the study of the plant kingdom and human movement (especially playing with children). She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art and a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture, and has headed a residential design-build company for 10 years in Seattle. An avid naturalist and gardener from an early age, she gives attention to details and micro-climates as well as to larger systems, views, and long-range planning. Annika’s past work and research has touched on food security, green roofs, ecological literacy and garden/nutrition education for children, urban pedestrian environments, and streetscape design in the Seattle area. She continues to be active in community design and public art projects with the Light Table Design Collective and loves collaborative projects with other landscape and floral designers and planners.

Please get in touch! (2O6) 351.94O7 / hazeldesignscapes@gmail.com

process sketches

The Design Process (or, Why Hire Us?)

Through careful consideration of a range of design elements we create beautiful, efficient, low-maintenance gardens or landscapes with integrity and longevity. From the initial consultation through the design process and installation, Annika will nurture and develop your vision, bringing your space to its full potential. There is a craft to the design process, as well as to the implementation, which includes:

+ Composition of space, forms and activities. We often “stage” a garden design so you can see how it feels before digging in.

+ Directing flow and circulation — visual and physical flows, for people, light, water, etc. We walk the garden with you to feel out the best pathways, resting spots and views.

+ Planning for seasonal changes — in light, precipitation and plant displays to ensure beauty, convenience, enjoyment and productivity throughout the year. This encompasses edibles, ornamentals, rain water and structures.

+ Balancing design with maintenance. Native and drought tolerant plants often require less maintenance and watering.

+ Improving soil vitality.

+ Designing your garden as a piece of a larger ecosystem — taking into consideration birds, pollinators and the shared landscape of your street, block or neighborhood, providing native plants as food sources for wildlife.

+ Long term care — including irrigation, natural fertilizing and mulching, etc. This includes choosing the right plants for each space.

We’d love to hear from you!

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