late spring dispatch

These storm clouds over Elliott Bay & Bainbridge Island underscore the drama and variability of this season. Keeps us gardeners in our boots and rain gear, with cracked fingers and grubby fingernails, but this is when plants really take off!





And these beautiful new leaves, striking even at night as this Katsura tree, plough ahead through those cool, wet days producing proof that spring is really on its way. Something about the reappearance of new leaves in the up-glow of street lamps really pull at my heart strings. Light in the landscape is truly transformed.

I work with edible and kid-friendly plants and I regret that this Melianthus, despite its sweet name “honeybush,” is poisonous to people and pets. Nevertheless it is striking and delightful with its perennial foliage and exuberant spring blooms. Emerald City Gardens in Fremont features it in their side-lot planting with a golden leaved Spirea, a heather and a beautiful grape vine that really pop on this fun green wall.

Here is one of my favorite places to spend a morning or afternoon– Vibrant Plants wholesale nursery in Woodinville. I drive my little pick-up truck around and pick out plants for my clients — mixing and matching, discovering this year’s new varieties, and choosing the perfect branching structure and from hundreds of pots! It’s hard to part with the plants sometimes when they look so pretty all mushed into my truck bed.

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