Florals + garden design for this year’s outdoor parties

We will facilitate a garden transformation that incorporates custom-designed florals with plants and festive containers, elevating your existing garden for the short- and the long-term. Then sit back and enjoy your garden oasis and special botanical touches for the rest of the season -and for years to come. You’re welcome to leave it all toContinue reading “Florals + garden design for this year’s outdoor parties”

Valentine flowers – Bellingham & Seattle

The time is now for ordering your wrapped bouquets or vased arrangements! Treat your valentine, yourself, a loved one, or anyone needing some special flower therapy. We bring you vibrant, American-grown flowers featuring spectacular California Proteas, spray roses, and ranunculus (all subject to availability after a crazy year in supply chains). You choose between hot,Continue reading “Valentine flowers – Bellingham & Seattle”

Spring flower fashion with Fleurs de Villes at the NWFGS

Come visit this joyful Springtime flower event at the NW Flower & Garden Show in Seattle (Wednesday, February 26- Sunday, March 1) and revel in the magic creations by Seattle area designers. Below are some images of my flower lady, but these pictures don’t do her justice. Until professional photos are available, you’ll have toContinue reading “Spring flower fashion with Fleurs de Villes at the NWFGS”

Floral couture with Fleurs de Villes at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show

Join Hazel Floral and a host of other Pacific Northwest florists as we showcase true flower power in the form of floral fashion artistry. Annika and her team will be assembling a Spring 2020 runway-inspired botanical outfit where earthy, forest vibes merge with hot, summery tones and textures, displayed for the length of the NWContinue reading “Floral couture with Fleurs de Villes at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show”

Say it with flowers on 2/14 and all year ’round // pop-up flower shop & bouquet subscriptions

I’m excited to announce that I will be popping up at Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery, on Capital Hill (Seattle) this Valentine’s Day! That’s Thursday February 14th, from 4pm-8pm or while supplies last. There’s not much happening in my gardens, but all flowers will be WA/OR/CA grown. Here’s what you can find there, as wellContinue reading “Say it with flowers on 2/14 and all year ’round // pop-up flower shop & bouquet subscriptions”

Spring garden design & coaching

Happy March! Longer days. Frosty mornings. Peas & radishes planted with fingers crossed. Robins singing their hearts out. GARDEN PLANNING. Grab a notebook and let’s work through your big garden questions. Maybe you need a general vision for your garden but aren’t ready to tear into it; perhaps you’re looking for ideas to personalize andContinue reading “Spring garden design & coaching”

Hazel Floral Subscriptions

Seasonal flower subscriptions Gift yourself or someone else a season of flowers, delivered to your door 1x, 2x, or 4x per month. Large, quart-size bouquets are ultra-local, sustainably-grown and filled with herbs and flowers. Flowers are available all year round but guaranteed to be homegrown at our micro-urban Greenwood flower garden in the warmer months.Continue reading “Hazel Floral Subscriptions”

valentine’s blooms on sale now

February 14th. Valentine’s Day. The days are getting brighter and longer but we’re still in the middle of winter, so it’s a perfect time to spread  joy and love in the form of flowers. >>Order form below, or contact me at 206.351.9407. Arrangements are made to order, with fresh, PNW blooms and mostly-foraged foliage. TellContinue reading “valentine’s blooms on sale now”

Mason bees & beautiful parking strips for pollinators

Welcome back to gardening season. The days are tangibly longer and those extra minutes of light are beckoning us gardeners back into our winterized beds. (Take a peek at the new growth around the crowns of your peonies, track the height of your daffodil spears, but leave that mulch down to keep them cozy!) NowContinue reading “Mason bees & beautiful parking strips for pollinators”