celebrate with flowers

Valentine's Day comes right when we need a little infusion of color, fragrance, and celebration. It is definitely still winter but the days are visibly longer. The rain gauge is overflowing but the first daffodils and crocus are blooming, and the winter-flowering shrubs are wafting their fragrance around the neighborhoods. Here's how you can fill … Continue reading celebrate with flowers


Hazel Floral Subscriptions

Seasonal flower subscriptions Gift yourself or someone else a season of flowers, delivered to your door 1x, 2x, or 4x per month. Large, quart-size bouquets are ultra-local, sustainably-grown and filled with herbs and flowers. Flowers are available all year round but guaranteed to be homegrown at our micro-urban Greenwood flower garden in the warmer months. … Continue reading Hazel Floral Subscriptions

valentine’s blooms on sale now

February 14th. Valentine's Day. The days are getting brighter and longer but we're still in the middle of winter, so it's a perfect time to spread¬† joy and love in the form of flowers. >>Order form below, or contact me at 206.351.9407. Arrangements are made to order, with fresh, PNW blooms and mostly-foraged foliage. Tell … Continue reading valentine’s blooms on sale now

Mason bees & beautiful parking strips for pollinators

Welcome back to gardening season. The days are tangibly longer and those extra minutes of light are beckoning us gardeners back into our winterized beds. (Take a peek at the new growth around the crowns of your peonies, track the height of your daffodil spears, but leave that mulch down to keep them cozy!) Now … Continue reading Mason bees & beautiful parking strips for pollinators

it begins again…

Happy Spring, everyone -- We still haven't passed the Valentine's Day marker, but unseasonable warmth has spurred ¬†on plant growth faster than usual. Daffodils, witch hazel, Daphne, snow drops, plum trees, Indian plum, red maples, sweet box, and Crocus are all blooming and creating clouds of fragrance that waft around the neighborhoods. Ahh. And to … Continue reading it begins again…

Love your garden — with a Spring design consultation!

Wondering where to start on this year's big garden project? Take the first step by scheduling a HAZEL Design consultation session. This 'package deal' gets the ball rolling with fresh ideas for layout options, materials and planting schemes. Starting with an on-site walk-through and a sit-down with source images, we will listen to your vision … Continue reading Love your garden — with a Spring design consultation!