it begins again…

Happy Spring, everyone — We still haven’t passed the Valentine’s Day marker, but unseasonable warmth has spurred  on plant growth faster than usual. Daffodils, witch hazel, Daphne, snow drops, plum trees, Indian plum, red maples, sweet box, and Crocus are all blooming and creating clouds of fragrance that waft around the neighborhoods. Ahh. And toContinue reading “it begins again…”

Love your garden — with a Spring design consultation!

Wondering where to start on this year’s big garden project? Take the first step by scheduling a HAZEL Design consultation session. This ‘package deal’ gets the ball rolling with fresh ideas for layout options, materials and planting schemes. Starting with an on-site walk-through and a sit-down with source images, we will listen to your visionContinue reading “Love your garden — with a Spring design consultation!”

Planning edible gardens or containers: time for a Spring consultation!

How do we get here, to this beautiful summer bounty? Spring blooms are starting to pop everywhere now, so it’s a little easier to imagine that we will once again be out in the garden, hands in the warm soil, tending a productive bed or box and plucking an assortment of veggies for a quickContinue reading “Planning edible gardens or containers: time for a Spring consultation!”

Seattle fall gardening: pruning, winter vegetables & mulch

Hooray for fall gardening in Seattle & the Northwest! HAZEL is currently scheduling fall clean-ups, consultations, and specialty pruning sessions for the upcoming months, so give us a call. We will facilitate your transition from the summer garden to a productive, beautiful winter garden that will take you well into next spring. Now is alsoContinue reading “Seattle fall gardening: pruning, winter vegetables & mulch”

late summer harvest from my tiny urban farm

Here are the survivors of my own sporadic home gardening attentions, the slug attacks, and a very dry August! I swear, I take better care of my clients’ gardens, but my own often gets a little droopy looking in the hot summer weather when I’m most busy. (I also plant a lot of things inContinue reading “late summer harvest from my tiny urban farm”