micro-landscapes a.k.a. containers

Container plantings create focal points in the garden. You might adorn your patio table with a succulent micro-garden; set a pot of kitchen herbs within arm’s reach of your back door for snipping; or let your eyes wander toward a jewel-like planter tucked into the foliage at the back of your garden. Use planters to add structure and color to any landscape plan, taking up dead space between bloom times or balancing the composition of a small garden space. They become microcosms, meditations, concentrated growing space, and seasonal pops of color. They can become fixtures in the garden or move about as you need, as purely ornamental and/or highly productive workhorses!

We source durable, frost-resistant ceramic containers as well as wine barrels, custom cedar planters, and custom hypertufa planters. If you want to do it yourself but you need a little push, we offer workshops, consultation packages, and design coaching. We are also happy to design, install and maintain for you. Let us know what you are thinking and we will tailor a plan to deliver you a magical container garden.

(206) 351.9407  /  hazeledibles@gmail.com.

Some ideas for containers:
+ Food production… tomatoes, blueberries and beyond!
+ Seasonal color in the grey months
+ Attracting beneficial insects/pollinators & birds
+ Flowers & herbs for teas, drying, bouquets…
+ A child-friendly, learning station
+ Adding a sculptural element to your garden space

One thought on “micro-landscapes a.k.a. containers

  1. i got your info from Madrona Moms. We are planning a landscaping, fencing, and decking project for our seward park home. i really like your philosophy and approach. i’m completely newbie at this…i don’t even know what i should be budgeting or what i can get done for the budget i have in mind. would love to talk to you about what we are looking and get educated on this process. thx

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