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Flowers say a lot. They celebrate. They heal. They refresh the soul and make you breathe. Horticultural therapy happens naturally if you like to garden, and I’ve always shared flowers with friends in hopes of spreading the love. Last year I grew loads more flowers than ever before, even squeezing out my beloved vegetables. I began researching and learning the art and business of floral design and flower farming and connecting with other growers and designers in the Slow Flowers Movement.  My gardens produce a variety of hardy perennials, herbs, and brilliant annuals, and soon I can clip from the heirloom roses, shrubs and berry bushes as well.

My floral designs are unique odes to the Here-and-Now, sampling the seasons in the gardens and landscapes around us. Each bouquet, in whose ever hands it lands, delivers a deep breath of garden fragrance, a dance of color and movement, and a quick escape into the geometry and texture of the flowers.

I offer hand-tied bouquets and arrangements for everyday and special events in the Seattle area, made to order and as a subscription service. I can also style an entire event space or gussy up your own garden for a party or backyard wedding!

This is how I get my flowers to you:

SUBSCRIPTIONS: Give or receive a bouquet of lush, fragrant blooms delivered to your door 1x, 2x or 4x a month, year-round or summer-only. All bouquets will be “grower’s choice” but we welcome special requests (please notify us at least 2 days in advance of the scheduled pick-up/delivery if you would like any specific flowers, colors, shape, etc). Pricing starts at $25/bouquet picked up in Greenwood or Wallingford, or $35/bouquet delivered to your home or office in the Seattle Area.
More info in this introductory video here.

BOUQUETS & ARRANGEMENTS:  Garden style bouquets, posies, single stems, centerpieces, table settings, hand-tied bouquets, wreaths, garlands and flower crowns, all available by order for parties, weddings, dinners, memorials and events. Planted containers and potted plants are also available to order or rent. 

WORKSHOPS: Spring, Summer & Fall flower workshops will take place at local small businesses throughout Seattle. Watch the blog for updates.

Get your flowers! 206.351.9407 or email hazeldesignscapes@gmail.com.

NOTE: Many bouquets will include edible flowers and herbs that you can add to your salads or brew into a tea when you are done enjoying the arrangement. We will make note of the ingredients in every bouquet, but you are ultimately responsible for identifying what flowers are OK to eat and we will not be held liable for any irritations, allergic reactions or side effects of contact or ingestion. All of the flowers, herbs and foliage that we grow here in our micro homestead flower farm are raised organically and with responsible watering practices, and any supplemental materials that we buy in are guaranteed to be local and un-sprayed.

Please contact us for special orders, wedding/event inquiries, and delivery options.

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