landscape design + garden coaching

+ Planting Design

+ Growing food

+ Pollinators & planting strips

+ Construction & hardscaping

+ Containers


If you don’t know exactly what you and your garden or landscape need, start here! 

During an Initial Consultation we will meet to walk through your outdoor spaces and discuss your needs, desires and visions. The visit will be followed up with relevant notes and design insights to jog your imagination and tease out some viable options for your style, budget and time frame, plus planting ideas and some basic sketches to illustrate a few possibilities. Initial Consultation Packages are $300, and once you have considered some design options we can move forward with more focused design work at $75/hour.

If you have a basic idea of what needs help in your landscape, we can schedule a more focused Design Consultation and/or follow-up design time at $75/hour. We will visit your garden and use a broad range of tools to arrive at a uniquely fitting design for your property and your use of the space. Our designs are well-researched, intuitive, rooted in first-hand knowledge of sustainable landscape maintenance practices, and well suited to the soils and weather of Western Washington. Drawings are often done by hand, and we also provide links to plant information, references to local contractors, and on-going support throughout the design/planning process and installation.

While it often takes years for a new project to reach its stride and fill in, I have tried my best to showcase gardens I have worked on or designed, and am continually updating my portfolio. Please let me know if you have questions about site design, planting plans or installations, maintenance, expert pruning or renovations, and garden coaching.

I can always be reached at 206.351.9407 or at

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