planting design

Our beautiful Pacific Northwest maritime climate is home to some stunning native species and accommodates such a broad array of landscape plants. My plant palette is as rich and flexible as I could ever wish. A background in studio art, perennial gardening and sustainable (i.e. water-wise, pollinator- & bird-friendly) landscape design informs my lush, textural designs with four-season interest.

Just being around plants and flowers can be a healing, therapeutic experience, and many plants have healing properties well documented throughout history and alternative medicine. Wildflowers and non-hybridized wildflower species attract crucial beneficial insects to our gardens and provide year-round food for our local bees and small birds.

I also slip edible plants in whenever I can: hops, blueberries, huckleberries, sunflowers, grapes, kiwis… and I love incorporating edible elements into gardens that provide a full sensory experience for children as they explore their outside spaces. Flowers are especially delightful and evocative, in salads, flower crowns, mud pies and teas.

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